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The North Berwick Holiday Homes Team

We believe that good service is the key to any business and especially ours. We have a great team and the best website and technology in the business. We want you to have a great stay and we will do what it takes to help you. It starts with our website which has been designed to make finding and booking your holiday home as simple as possible. From there you are in the hands of people who know and care about your holiday and the success of North Berwick Holiday Homes.

The Front Line.

Graham Currie and Caroline Hitchen (The English Caroline).

Both are highly experienced and senior professionals who will go the extra mile to make your stay a positive one. What they dont know about renting a holiday home does not matter! From a happy welcome to being on call should a problem arise they will always do their best for you.

The Engine Room ( and occassionally in the front line)

Caroline Currie ( The Scottish Caroline)

Head of Housekeeping and Owner of Home Maid Scotland who provide the cleaning service for the majority of the North Berwick Holiday Homes portfolio. Always on call should the need arise!

Behind the Scenes ( and occassionally in the front line)

Co Owners Janice Reid and Barry Chapman. Both have invested heavily over the last nine years in the technology and marketing that drives North Berwick Holiday Homes.

Janice is responsible for all things financial and has driven the design of this website.

Barry is all things IT, Marketing and manages the relationship with Golf East Lothian and local business community.

We all look forward to being of service to you!

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